I’m Becks and I’m a wedding enthusiast. Here’s the short version of getting to know me as I know we’re all time precious.

You can call me Becks, Beck, Becky or Rebecca.

  • Aged 36.
  • Married 2010.
  • 2 small human children. Iris and Arthur.
  • 1 dog child. Jags (chocolate lab – nuts!)
  • I love all kinds of cake. Cheesecake. Bread and cheese.
  • Ran the London Marathon. 2019.
  • Twice Ninja Warrior UK auditionee.
  • Can lift 150kg.
  • Established in the wedding world since 2008.
  • I love New York City.
  • Learning to grow my own vegetables. Not overly successful but I’m trying!
  • A little friend for your big day!

If you have a spare 5 minutes, here’s the longer version of getting to know me.

My journey into wedding planning began shortly after I got engaged in 2008.

I started a personal blog as a way of logging my own wedding inspiration, ideas, and stories. Penny’s Wedding Blog was created and honestly, it was my lifeline for a good few years. It kept me sane amongst the wedding planning angst and it was never intended to eventually become my business. It was originally created for my own use. However, people ACTUALLY read it. And enjoyed it!

After my wedding in 2010, like many brides, I encountered the wedding blues.

I’d been so involved in blogging and wedding planning that I felt a bit lost. I decided to keep blogging and naturally fell into working with wedding suppliers, styling photo shoots, and researching the industry. Over time I was asked to help guide and support people with their wedding planning. This was the lightbulb moment.

In 2013  I Adore Weddings was launched, my very own wedding and event planning business.

Over the years I planned weddings of all sizes, styles, locations, in fields, farms airbases, hotels and venues. In 2015 I met a lovely couple who lived on a beautiful working farm. We turned their cow shed into their wedding venue for the day. After many compliments about the use of the farm for the wedding, said couple and myself met again and in 2016 the concept of a countryside wedding venue; Wood Farm at Everdon was born.

Enough about me. Let’s talk about you!

Drop me a message rebecca@iadoreweddings.co.uk

Becks x

For the past 5 years I have worked with Wood Farm supporting, planning, and running hundreds of weddings. It’s such a beautiful location and has stolen a piece of my heart. It’s a small family run business in the heart of Northamptonshire and ticks all the boxes for me for a perfect venue.

Wood Farm Wedding Venue

It’s well worth taking a look  at Wood Farm you can contact me to arrange a visit.